Florida Security & Protection Institute, Inc.

Florida Security & Protection Institute, Inc. ( FSPI) is a Miami, Florida company that is composed of retired and active United States law enforcement officers and investigators. FSPI personnel have a broad range of experience and expertise in federal and local law enforcement and security matters. Including complex investigations, domestic and international. These individuals have successfully conducted criminal investigations involving Money Laundering, varied kinds of Fraud, International Property Rights, Smuggling, Extortion and Maritime investigations.

The various security experts working for FSPI have a broad experience in forensic audits, Ship and Port Security, Cargo Security operations, Computer Security and Forensic Computer Investigations. Additionally they are well versed in personal security and international negotiations. The personnel have conducted, managed and are experts in Port Security, Physical and Technical Surveillance, Physical Plan Security, Threat Assessments and Personal Protection. FSPI has trained and State of Florida certified hostage negotiators.

FSPI personnel are state and federal certified instructors that provide training and consulting in various aspects of security. This includes firearms training, cargo security operations, Ship and Port Security, Crisis Management, crime scene preservation and evidence handling. The investigators working for FSPI are serious professionals that are experts in their fields with high degree of professionalism, integrity and prestige and have always demonstrated the use of sound judgment.

FSPI has professional and trusted representatives / investigators throughout Central and South America that assist in investigations and other security matters. These individuals have broad experience and connections in their respective countries. Most personnel working for FSPI are bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish.


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