FSPI Group, Inc. is presently developing with Colombian experts a KIDNAPPING and EXTORTION INVESTIGATIONS COURSE. The 35 hours course is focused on teaching corporate personnel the several processes that take place after an event has occurred. The course will focus on providing Corporate staff information to assist them in making better decisions and how to assist the authorities during the course of the kidnapping.

 The course covers:

Brief history of Kidnaping and Extortion; Prevention; Methods of Kidnapping; Legal Process; Judicial Investigation (Investigative Techniques); Rescue Investigation; Use of Electronic Measures and Computer Programs; Intelligence and Analysis; Negotiations; Successful Liaison Between Corporate Employees and Authorities; Successful Rescue Operations.

The instructors are present or retired Colombian Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors, Psychologists and former Victims of Kidnappings. Even though prevention is covered in the course this is not a prevention course.

The date of the course has not been determined at this time, but the course will be taught in Spanish in Colombia.

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